Code of Conduct (Canoeing)

For any queries relating to access, please contact Tony Gaskin on 07920 801343

The code of conduct is intended to assist all river users to enjoy the river without causing problems to their pleasure or damaging the environment.


Check and comply with the access agreement for the river.

Cars or other means of transportation must be parked considerately and not left on private property without the permission of the property's owner.

Get changed out of public view.

Only the agreed access and egress points must be used, except in emergencies.

A group leader must be appointed and be prepared to identify himself/herself and his/her organisation.

Owners Liability Act: Canoeists operating under access agreements recognise that they do so at their own risk so far as natural hazards are concerned.

All users of the river proceed in a safe fashion, have the appropriate safety equipment and insurance.

Look after the river environment and avoid damaging banks and bank side vegetation, waterweed. redds, and gravel beds.

Avoid dragging equipment over rock slabs and boulders.

Do not disturb birds and other wildlife you find along the river, avoid areas used by wintering wildlife, nesting birds and spawning fish.

Stop your activity if you are clearly disturbing wildlife.

Protect native species and habitats – use dry or disinfected equipment if used in other freshwater areas.

Lighting fires on the banks of the rivers is not permitted.

For the Natural Resources Wales Canoeing Code of Conduct click here for a link to its Web site page.