River Access

The arrangements below relate only to the angling beats of Llangollen & Maelor Anglers Limited and Midland Flyfishers Ltd. They do not relate to the fishing areas of other 3rd parties.

Horseshoe Falls

Special arrangements exist at Mile End Mill for egress, but you must have reached there by 3pm.

You are politely requested to respect these times. At the moment the evenings have been left free to enable fishermen to fish the stretch of water which is particularly popular during the summer and autumn periods.

Click here for a map of this reach and directions to the access/egress points.

Mile End Mill


Click here for a map of this reach and directions to the access/egress points.

Glyndyfrdwy Bridge

20th October to 31st March

 1st April to 30th August

31st August to 19th October

Click here for a map of this reach and directions to the access/egress points.

Egress Points

General Terms of Access

There is no canoeing and kayaking when other events are taking place on the river, please check the Web site Special Events page for details. Rafting is only allowed when there is a written arrangement with the riparian owners and access to the river is given with their consent.

For Code of Conduct, click here.

Conditions for the Arrangement to Use The Welsh Dee For Canoeing

  1. Access is allowed in the areas on the dates and times specified for canoes and duckies. Special arrangements apply for rafts operated by participating Commercial Operators from Horseshoe Falls. No rafting is allowed from Coed Y Glyn;
  2. The granting of access does not establish any right of navigation or any rights of navigation over the River Dee, nor any prescriptive rights over land;
  3. Intellectual property rights shall remain vested in the Owners;
  4. No commercial events may be organised or events filmed without the express permission of Welsh Dee Partnership Ltd (contact info@welshdeepartnershipltd.co.uk); 
  5. Users must use the designated access and egress points which are shown on the maps, signs and published on this Web site; 
  6. No other access or egress points shall be used unless in an emergency;
  7. There is no access allowed above the bridge at Glyndyfrdwy;
  8. Please note that canoe rolls and other ‘acrobatics’ are only allowed in areas designated by posts with green markings. Due to conservation issues and potential damage to wildlife, they are strictly prohibited in areas designated in red Please see the Practice Area Map for more information. An exception to this is the stretch of water at Mile End Mill where practice is allowed);
  9. The area is an SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest), an ANB (Area of Natural Beauty) and also a SAC (Special Area of Conservation) and is environmentally sensitive. Canoeists are politely requested to treat the area with respect;
  10. All users must have insurance in force, covering personal and public liability;
  11. River users are responsible for their own safety, should be suitably experienced and/or qualified and have appropriate safety equipment (flotation devices / ropes etc);
  12. Organisers of tour events must carry out risk assessment / health and safety checks before each event and:
  13. The Organisers shall put in place adequate safety precautions and have insurance in force covering personal and public liability for each event;
  14. Permission for use of the river and access to the river has been provided by the Davies Family, Midland Flyfishers Limited, Llangollen Maelor Angling and Corwen and District Angling Club (collectively the owners) for those parts of the Welsh Dee that they own and the owners reserve the right to refuse access to anyone without explanation. Furthermore, by being given access to and permission to paddle down the Welsh Dee a paddler will not acquire any prescriptive rights over land or navigation rights over the Welsh Dee;
  15. Commercial photography of any kind is not allowed without the express permission of the owners or by the Welsh Dee Partnership Ltd.
  16. No wild swimming is allowed;
  17. No fishing from canoes, duckies or other craft is allowed;
  18. Specific written approval must be obtained from WDP in writing before any other types of craft are launched otherwise than as set out in this agreement.

The owners may cancel the above arrangement by giving 3 months notice.